Saturday, July 15, 2006

Life is Good

These are two of my favorite things in the whole house: my bone and my pillow.

I've had this same bone for a long time. Who knows how long? One thing's for sure: I love chewing on it! It's calming and peaceful. I'll just gnaw at the ends for 20 minutes straight because it feels good on my teeth and gums.

The pillow I'm lying on is one Mom made for me three years ago. (She got it for me the first time I tried living at K&N's.) Even back then, I enjoyed rubbing my face in it and throwing it around.
Like so:
This is me having a good time! What I do is throw my chew toy onto the pillow. Then, I proceed to rub my face against it. Eventually, I'll roll over onto my back, kicking my feet in the air. I also like to grab the pillow with my front paws and throw it under my back legs. And again, and again and again...

It beats digging the carpet, right?

After a while, I'll situate myself onto the pillow again. Grab my bone, lay down and commence chewing again. It's really quite comfortable and I highly recommend it!


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