Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Getting more comfortable

So I've been getting used to living in Maryland. It took me a couple days, but now I can say I'm starting to like it here.

K&N have this routine. First, KC gets up at 6:30 AM to take me outside.
BTW, There's a dog across the street that barks at me every morning! I think she likes me ;)
Anyway, after that, I eat a little breakfast and generally play around for an hour.
Then, after they get ready for work, KC takes me out again. After which, I go willingly (at least that's what they think) in the crate for the day.

I don't really like it, but it'll do. I tried escaping once (and it worked!) The second time, not so much. So, I'm getting used to it. At least the temperature's cooler downstairs.

Anyway, Natchan comes home first and lets me out. We had fun yesterday. She kept throwing this rope, and I kept fetching it. Doesn't she get tired?

When KC came home, they both took me for a looooong walk. We ended up at this park with a lot of beer cans lying around. It was interesting, lemme tell ya. Natchan brushed me. And it felt good. Then we went home. Ate dinner, watched some television and went to bed.

And boy, was I tired!

I think I'm forgetting how to chase my tail.

Anyway, I think I'm happy here.



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