Saturday, July 08, 2006

Welcome to Towson!

On Thursday, I got to explore my new city in depth for the first time. K&N have taken me to the edge of the busy part of town a couple times; but this time, I really got to look around.

At first, I was pretty agitated. And being so close to all the speeding cars was pretty scary. Eventually, we made it to this place called Moxley's, where K&N had some ice cream. We sat at a table on the sidewalk, so lots of people walked by. That's when I started to calm down a little.

After ice cream, we walked through Towson's courthouse. There's a nice big fountain and a few walking paths through pretty gardens. There were lots of flowers, and we even got to see some baby rabbits. I scared most of them away. But there was one that didn't move. He liked to pose for pictures.

Even though Towson was a lot busier than Chesapeake, it was still a fun walk. The weather was nice and cool, and we all had a good time!
It probably took us a total of two hours walking around enjoying the evening. I like this weather a lot better than the really hot and humid days. (And especially better than the thunder storms!)

Here's me and KC on the steps of the Towson Court House.

This is me and Nakko in front of one of the courthouse's gardens.

Look! Our shadows!

Don't I look happy?

How about now?


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