Thursday, July 12, 2007

When Spaz Met Keina...

So all this time, Nakko's big belly had nothing to do with too many strawberry smoothies or ice cream. Which is good because I was getting worried. Apparently, she was carrying a little tiny person inside her! Amazing, isn't it?

They named her Keina, but I call her Kiki. She is very sweet, but she's also very noisy. I haven't had a good night's sleep in a week and a half! But it's all good.

I actually met her before she ever met me. It all started on the morning of July 2. Just like any other morning, K took me for my morning walk. Then he and Nakko had breakfast and everything was hunky-dory. But they never actually went to work. They stayed at home and I was getting confused. I mean, I was happy I didn't have to stay home alone, but something was different. Every five minutes or so, Nakko would grab her belly and take deep breaths, like she had a tummy ache or something. Eventually, they left and I was alone for a long time.

Eventually, K came back... with a present, no less! He placed a blanket and a tiny little hat on the floor, and kept saying "This is Keina." Even though I was worried sick, I sniffed this blanket with a lot of curiosity. I hadn't smelled anything like it. I kept thinking, "Who was this Keina he keeps talking about?" Also, I was still worried since Nakko didn't come back with him. After only a few minutes, K left again. So it was just me and the blanket for the night.

And before anyone calls the SPCA, I wasn't really abandoned for three days, Mom came all the way from Virginia to take care of me. That was awfully nice of her. Thanks, Mom!

A few days later, everyone finally came home. Inside the carrier was little Kiki. I recognized her scent right away. So now I have a little sister. I know K&N are going to be great parents. They've done a great job raising me, so that counts for something. I also plan on helping out as much as I can. If they need me to watch her, I will. I am her big brother, after all. (Though, in dog years, I'm more like her Grandpa). It might take some adjusting, but we are going to be a big, happy family. One thing's for sure, this little baby barks louder than I do!


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