Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Me!

It's official. I've been a Maryland resident for exactly one year! And what a year it's been. Looking back over these last 365 days, a lot has changed. First and foremost, I've gotten another year older, and for dogs, that's really old. Also, I think I've given K&N a few scares over the past year. Luckily nothing was too serious, but emergency trips to the vet = not very fun.

But most of all, I've received a lot of love from K&N. They don't take me for walks as much anymore. And when we do, we don't walk very far. That's okay since I get tired pretty easily these days. Also, Nakko walks me very slowly... which I appreciate, being an old dog and all. Speaking of Nakko, her belly's even bigger nowadays! I don't know what it is she's eating, but her belly is as big as Dad's used to be!

Also, the house has been getting a little crowded lately. They've been buying all this strange looking furniture, and it's taking up all my space! My little bed was moved to the other side of the room a few weeks ago, so now I don't even bother sleeping in it. Plus, they're always in the other bedroom folding these tiny little clothes. I think they keep shrinking their laundry in the wash and hiding the shrunken clothes in the dresser. I tell ya, K&N can be really weird!

Anyway, I have to admit, after a rocky start, I'm really enjoying living with K&N. I still miss living in VA with Mom, Dad & Raymond, but they visit once in a while, so I can still see them. I even hear they're coming up this weekend! Hopefully, my second anniversary will be just as great! And maybe next year, K&N will actually give me something to celebrate the occassion. I think it's time for a new toy anyway. After all, I've been chewing on the same bone for a while now.


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