Monday, September 11, 2006

Rest Stop Tour 2006

I know it's been a while since my last post, but I've been recuperating from a long trip. On Labor Day weekend, I spent the holiday back home in Chesapeake. But before I got there, we stopped at the rest stops of Maryland and Virginia!

Unfortunately, the day started off pretty dreary. I even had my morning walk in the pouring rain! But once we got in the car, it was actually pretty fun. We made our first stop at the Maryland Welcome Center on I-95. The weather stayed pretty bad for the entire first leg of the trip. By the time we reached the rest stop near Fredricksburg, VA, the weather started to clear up considerably.

Who knew we dogs had our own rest areas?

I think this is the first time KC or Nakko had ever been to a rest area, because they were snapping up photos left and right!

The best picture they took is of me and Natchan at the first rest stop on I-64 near Richmond. The weather was finally beautiful, and doesn't she look pretty? Plus, I was really thirsty, and she had a nice bowl of cold water ready for me to drink.

This was my first long car trip with K&N, and it was exhausting. I may have been on my best behavior, but that didn't keep me from being curious. I stood up for most of the five hours watching all the cars zoom by. By the time we reached our final destination, I was worn out!


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