Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Guess Who Finally Returned?

No not Superman, silly. Mom, Dad & Raymond!

Over the weekend, we were visited by my old housemates. Mom & Dad just came back from a six-week trip to Hong Kong. It was the first time I'd seen them since they dropped me off here in Maryland. And as soon as they arrived, it was just like old times!

The only difference, though, is this time I was very well behaved (for the most part). The best part about their visit was that the house was so full. I haven't been around everybody at the same time for a long time. And it's so much nicer to appreciate everyone when I'm not going after my own tail for hours on end. This time, I was calm enough to watch everybody enjoying them selves. And I think Mom & Dad were tired from their long trip, too!

One way to show how much better I've become, Mom and Raymond joined KC, Nakko and me on a walk. Mom even got the chance to hold the leash. (Raymond, too!)

Mom was very surprised that I wasn't pulling on the leash anymore. In fact I walked beside her the entire time.

The other good thing about this weekend was that I didn't get yelled at. That's a big difference too. Even though I was very excited, I was able to keep cool enough that Mom and Dad actually complimented me a couple of times. One time, I was laying down beside them (chewing my bone, of course!) and Mom said, "I can't believe he's being so good!" That made me happy.

Even Dad got in on the walking business. He and KC took me back to that nice park across from the mall. Just like I did with Mom, I walked very nicely. Dad even commented on how I used to walk and how much I've improved since then!

All in all, I have to admit it was so nice to see everyone again! Even though I'm very happy here in Maryland, I really did miss everyone a lot. Hopefully they'll visit again really soon. And I'll be as happy as I am in this picture!


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